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Las vegas and speed dating

Lovers and singles alike are encouraged to wear pajamas and sexy lingerie.

There’ll even be a Bad Decisions wedding chapel for mock bride-and-groom marriages. Start a new tradition of symbolizing eternal love with “Love Locks on the Bridge” at the Eiffel Tower Experience at the Paris.

And if you’re solo for Cupid’s arrow, your future could change when you meet the love of your life at the speed-dating event at the downtown D Las Vegas break a world record. More than 1,000 romantic hopefuls might meet that special someone at the D Date-A-Thon on Fremont Street Experience at the D.

If you’re stuck with Netflix and haven’t chosen a romantic dinner spot, here are the Royal Robin Rundown highlights to let you plan. Each person will get to date 24 people each for 3 minutes apiece in hopes of finding their date for the remainder of Valentine’s Day.

Engrossed within my personal thoughts concerning Speed Daters Anonymous, I didn’t even realize he was still talking until I heard the 6-minute bell. Of course, this was the only guy I would have wanted to see again (although not my type in the looks department).

And not a single tattoo or 6-pack in the crowd; the only thing popping out was the butt cleavage from the big guy in the corner.

#songlyrics We showed up late to the event because it’s hard to get four girls anywhere on time, but since we were all super hot no one seemed to mind. Not impressed with the goods, and there were a lot more women then men at this shindig.

To be fair, he was funny, but I’d be livin’ on a prayer.

#songlyrics The next potential looked about 65 and was significantly shorter than me.

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He said he owns a couple of gas stations and makes great money. Speed dating was obviously not working for the next eligible bachelor on the list because he said this was his eighth or ninth time doing this. He was dressed nice, had a good job in the city working for the man every night and day, and never lost one minute of sleeping worrying ‘bout the way things might have been. He told me he never wanted to travel, born and raised in Las Vegas and has never left.

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