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Furthermore, your children need you to be able to walk consciously through the painful adjustment of a divorce (or ending) without putting them through an immediate introduction to a new significant other. And ask yourself, do you really want to be remembered that way?

As a single mom, it hasn’t been easy to navigate all of the advice offered as I contemplate what it means to date again following the end of a long-term relationship.

How best to sort through the array of advice given as you consider what it means to date as a single parent? Waiting at least a year post-divorce, or post-dissolution, of your previous relationship is very wise counsel.

Those who find themselves moving from the arms of one person seamlessly into the arms of another too often don’t take the time to benefit from the possibility of true healing post-break-up.

Carolynn Aristone, founder and director of the Center for Intimate Relationships, agrees. J., Aristone serves both the New Jersey and the Philadelphia region. Your chances of meeting someone who shares your interests are greater when you get out into the world and engage, as opposed to just swiping left and right.

She is a wife, mother of two boys, and an entrepreneur who maintains a busy practice offering individuals and couples quality, research-based, and heart-felt counsel as they navigate the joy and complexities of intimate relationships. Single parents tend to wonder: “Who will want to date me?

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This serves as the ground from which you date others.

The responses or lack of that you receive from dating site may begin to influence your self-concept -- so it’s important to stay grounded in what’s real.

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As a single parent, time is precious, limited and valuable. Literally notice what sensations show up in the stomach and gut area. If you note any uncomfortable sensations, trust this information and move on.