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This will allow us to enlist pros and cons to the adoption of each of these three methods, at least in my point of view.

Once we are done with the example, we could conclude on the best choice from my own perspective.

We also refer to these groups as Audit Action groups.

After all, the only question his manager will ask him is to know whether there is or not an audit on a particular aspect of SQL Server.

But, there are so many elements that can influence this implementation: But this is not the subject here, so to convince you that « All Roads Lead to Rome », let’s implement DDL Auditing using three different techniques (included SQL Audits).

Auditing DDL Events with triggers As we have seen in the presentation of the architecture of SQL Audits, there are mainly two kinds of DDL events: those which are database-related and those which are server-related. So we will have a server ddl trigger and multiple database ddl triggers.

As most of us already know, DDL Triggers are programmable objects in SQL Server.

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We will then review them and try to find advantages to use SQL Audits in comparison to the two other techniques.