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John t grant jr dating

Its commander was 1st Lieutenant Herbert Sobel, later promoted to captain. 2nd platoon was given to 2nd Lieutenant Lewis Nixon and 2nd Lieutenant Richard Winters.

Its XO was 2nd Lieutenant Clarence Hester, later made 1st lieutenant. 3rd platoon was given to 2nd Lieutenant Walter Moore.

He would revoke the weekend pass of a man for the slightest infraction. It was then dropped off in Camp Mackall for realism training and to regroup with the other companies to head to Aldbourne in England for the planned invasion of Normandy.

Herbert Sobel was relieved from duty and sent to Chilton Foliat, and the company was put under command of 1st Lieutenant Thomas Meehan.

He was in the dark and suddenly the spotlight picked him up—he was electric, he was hot, it was almost a sexual thing.

It was used as an experimental unit flying in C-47 transport planes to drop soldiers into hostile territory.

It participated in Operation Overlord, but Meehan was killed when his C-47 was hit and most of the unit was scattered.

1st Lieutenant Richard Winters, not knowing of his CO's death, took temporary command of the scattered company.

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After the entire company reunited, they learned that Meehan was dead.