Jill bennett dating cathy

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I remember reading one of Cathy's posts in Jill's fan forum where she asked posters to give 00 a pop in exchange for a poker night with her and Jill so she could finance her Slate&Kelly project. Ive run into obstacles this week and Im doing my best to overcome them.She was using her friendship with Jill to use her fans. Im hoping to get the new episode up by early to mid week... It unfortunately wont be Cathy Shims episode as the tech issues with that one make it a wash...Cathy De Buono played "M'Pella" on Star Trek series Deep Space Nine.She was originally hired as Dax's (Terry Farrell) photo-double.I like Cathy but she really needs to do something about that moth infestation.When she revealed that she shared the shower with her dog I was stunned.

Pointless rant about Cathy's vlog: Whoever wrote the text to go with this week's vlog should be told that the early 1900s are NOT the early 19th century but the early 20th. I blow luke warm and cold on the vlog to be honest.I would check out the bird food, it might be the original source. And I was horrified when Marnie said she got a bite from a moth. And I got to admit, I don't understand the concept of showering and bathing with your dog.Maybe it's because I'm more of a cat lover.I think Cathy would be much more attractive if she stopped trying to strike a sexy pose every time she's in a picture.She always does that head-tilted, squinty-eyed, faux-smirking face. She reminds me of Kenny from MTV's Gauntlet challenges - but more masculine. Actually Dara is the oldest out of that bunch and Karman will be 40 this summer.

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I think that just goes to show how much Jill fans adored Jamie. With the Cathy and Jill combined brain power (since they seem to be sharing one) that should only take about ten years for them to crack your betrayal code. I'm speaking out because Cathy has told a big lie about Tracy.

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