Jhoo dating

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Jhoo dating

This is probably why many people around them were confident that they were dating.

However after a certain while their relationship stopped being reported.

Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi worked together in the TV drama “Brilliant Legacy” and they kissed each other so many times.

They seemed to get along very well during the break time of the filming, and behind-the-scenes pictures depicted Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi spending their free time together having fun.

Before that, rumors said that Han Hyo joo and Lee Seung Gi were dating. He was called Korean’s younger brother and “the man with a 70% viewing rate”.

They even hold each other’s hands even when cameras are not filming.

However, they were both spotted with other Korean actor and actresses, so we can’t be a hundred percent sure about it.

The magazine shoots that they took to promote the series also looked amazing. Not only that: Hyo Joo and Jong Suk also showcased their incredible chemistry in behind-the-scenes extras.

The “W” stars were very cute together even off screen!

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We absolutely can’t wait to see their private pics!