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Excavations of the valley where Ilulissat show that people have inhabited the area for thousands of years, and it was once the largest town in Greenland.The town is also know for having almost the same number of sled dogs as people, currently the town is home to 4600 people and nearly 3500 sled dogs.It's a fairly easy walk from the city and after 1-2 kilometers' you'll see the icebergs - an impressive sight.You may take a 3-4 hours boat trip from the harbour - also a recommended tour. The first is the Ilulissat Museum; which features exhibitions showcasing the life and expeditions of the explorer Knud Rasmussen.Another route goes into the hinterland, towards a viewpoint of the Icefjord, but before getting there, you have to go over “little Akinnaq” a hill top, that is not really that small.

He might even take you onto the sea ice if this is thick enough.However, we can promise you that a lot can be understood using gesticulations. Located in the Disco Bay just by the Icefjord, from which it has gotten its name, Ilulissat has one of the most beautiful settings for a great greenlandic experience.The dog sledge is one of the strongest icons of Greenland.An Inuit tradition, dating 2000 years back in time!

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Air Greenland [21], has flights north to Qaanaaq and Uummannaq (via Qaarsut) and south to Aasiaat, Qasigiannguit, Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk.

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