Intimidating clan names meet and match speed dating

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Intimidating clan names

Anyone who's taken a shot at creative writing knows how laborious it is to come up with the perfect name for the protagonist.If name doesn't fit, you're starting at a disadvantage with the audience. (Though it was bound to seep in subconsciously, we tried our best to divorce the rankings from specific character traits and the quality or nostalgia factor of the movies involved.If you want to sign up for coc then you will need this clan name for clash of clans online login and if you need of some best name ideas then you are in right zone.

These are collected from the different sources around the web. Very few are Card Carrying Villains; in particular, the charismatic and manipulative nature of Xanatos is why the Xanatos Gambit was named after him.Even the heroes are individuals with their own wants and desires that don't always lead to peaceful relationships.But that begs the question: Which or favorite our gun-toting, butt-kicking, witty-one-liner-giving heroes has the MOST badass name? We rounded up a bunch of contenders and submitted our votes to create a top 50.

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Submit your own clan names for other members to vote on, or vote on the other clan names that others have sent in.