Hookup public sex

Posted by / 18-Jul-2020 17:08

Hookup public sex

Although I feel that public sex in the form of cruising is something that’s particular to the culture of men having sex in public places—and that has to do with historic homophobia, and being closeted, and desires, a whole bunch of factors—the thing to remember is that even people who aren’t men who have sex with men also have sex in public parks.

If you think of heterosexuals having sex in parks, there’s a very different imagery that goes with that.

It’s not delegating a certain area of the park to sex; it’s much more informal than that.

Are you suggesting that public sex should be legal?

I’m not talking about legalizing public sex; what I’m talking about is more like decriminalization.

In the case of Project Marie, let’s say it had been teenagers who were having sex in the park. I don’t think parents would have felt that the investigation had been justified, and that in itself is telling.

In one radio interview you did, a journalist mentioned a hypothetical park that includes a separate section designated as a space for public sex. That wasn’t something I suggested, though I think it’s an interesting idea.

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