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At a festival honoring Juno, 5th century Roman soldiers would draw names of eligible women to see who would be their lucky bedmate for the year.

Once chosen, the man would wear her name on his sleeve for the festival.

If she danced with him more than twice in one night, everyone assumed she was either engaged to him or was “fast,” a terrible label for a proper young lady.

If he spent a lot of time with her to the point where people began to notice how much they were together, public opinion placed them as engaged.

And since the courting practices were pretty predictable, a man had to use creativity to impress a lady.

The women willingly lined up, believing this would boost fertility.

Ok Cupid today: Nowadays, women who take the initiative are more likely to get what they want.

In fact, straight women who send the first message are about 2.5x more likely to get a response compared to straight men.

They often met at balls which were THE places to meet those of similar social backgrounds, but they might also meet at a dinner party, soiree, musicale, or even the opera or the theater.

If the man wished to get better acquainted with the lady he’d met, he might send her flowers the next day (but never gifts or letters), and later pay a visit upon the family during their “at home” hours where her mother or aunt or other chaperone would be present.

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Such courting practices may sound rigid and even sterile to the modern-day woman, but I think it leaves so much open.