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Government mandating digital tv

Out typical customer can receive 70 or more channels, and again these are completely free of any monthly service fee.

Every day tens of millions of Americans switch on television sets for news, weather, and entertainment.

The switch also frees up valuable room on the electromagnetic spectrum for wireless communications, including emergency transmissions.

Broadcasters will be able to offer more programming and to match the digital signals of subscription cable and satellite services.

a physical obstruction like a tall building, trees, hill's and even water towers can affect reception.

In the North-Western suburbs of chicago, there is a huge amount of free programming available.

In 2009, the Federal government mandated that TV stations stop broadcasting analog TV signals and start broadcasting digital TV signals.

Most people didn't notice because they had cable TV. As all new TV's arew equipped with digital tuners, it means you can receive hi-definition TV for FREE over the air by using an antenna.

After years of delays, the nation's full-power television stations are facing a deadline of Feb.

Today media services are being transformed by the same digital revolution that is bringing us new media choices via the Internet.

Digital television (DTV) provide new uses such as multiple video programs or other services on a single television channel, including data services, and interactive capability. NTIA has played an active role in the development of digital television and public policy.

On February 17, 2009, all full-power broadcast television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin broadcasting only in digital.

“Congress enacted this as part of the Digital Television Act of 2005 and it was signed into law in 2006,” says Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner Robert M. “Part of the rationale is that it’s more efficient to use digital technologies, and they take up less of the spectrum than analog technologies.” What the changeover means is that any viewers who currently rely on antennas or “rabbit ears” to watch television will no longer get a broadcast signal unless they get a converter box.

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in Bayside, Queens, who has been working on master antennas for more than 30 years.

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