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Largely as a result of this practice, there are now an estimated 80 million missing females in India and China alone.

The large cohorts of “surplus” males now reaching adulthood are predominantly of low socioeconomic class, and concerns have been expressed that their lack of marriageability, and consequent marginalization in society, may lead to antisocial behavior and violence, threatening societal stability and security.

We first explain how some natural fluctuation in sex ratio occurs in human populations, and we illustrate this with the example of the effects of war.

We then demonstrate how the tradition of preference for male offspring has led to huge distortions in the sex ratio in some countries.

Since prenatal sex determination became available in the mid-1980s it has made a major contribution to imbalances in the sex ratio seen in many Asian countries (29).

However, it is the combination of sex-selective technology a small-family culture that has caused the highest sex ratios (29, 30).

The population sex ratio depends on three factors: the sex ratio at birth, differential mortality rates between the sexes at different ages, and losses and gains through migration (5).

In particular, births occurring at home and births of unwanted or abandoned infants often go unrecorded.

Son preference is most prevalent in an arc of countries from East Asia through South Asia to the Middle East and North Africa (23).

Sons are preferred because () they are generally recipients of inheritance (25, 26).

Females have greater resistance to disease throughout life and greater overall longevity, so in circumstances where they have the same nutrition and health care as males, females have lower mortalities across all age groups (21).

The situation for men is compounded by their greater tendency to engage in risk behaviors and violence, thus increasing their risk of premature mortality (22).

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Girls are often considered an economic burden because of the dowry system; after marriage they typically become members of the husband's family, ceasing to have responsibility for their parents in illness and old age (27).