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Forms of dating artifacts

Dating between 900 and 700 BC, they measure roughly 3 centimeters (1.2 in) and are composed of pure gold thread.Archaeologists believe they were part of ceremonial clothing worn by the region’s Bronze Age Sun worshipers.In 2015, archaeologists unearthed the grave of a warrior in Southwestern Greece.Dated to 1500 BC, the tomb contained a 30-year-old man dubbed the “Griffin Warrior.” The grave was filled with immaculate artifacts, including four mysterious golden rings.Given the value of this precious metal, these artifacts are almost always more than just art; they’re statements of power, faith, or cultural identity. In August 2016, archaeologists discovered golden curse tablets in eastern Serbia.While some are written in Greek, others are written in an unknown language with indecipherable symbols. Experts believe the unique symbols were a secret code between the user and the demon.The resting place of the Bell of Dhammazei remains one of Myanmar’s most enduring mysteries.Cast in the 15th century, the bell was composed of an alloy of gold, silver, and copper and weighed 300 tons. In 1608, a Portuguese mercenary named Felipe de Brito seized the bell and dragged it to the Bago River.

When the figurine was unearthed in 1932, white South Africans refused to admit that black Africans had created the rhino.While he was attempting to ferry his prize across, the bell sank. International teams with the latest in technology have been unable to find its resting place. The Bago River has also changed course over the past 400 years, so it’s unlikely the search parties are in the right area. Three central historical texts written 200 years after its construction fail to mention the mysterious music maker.In 2015, 2,000 gold spirals were unearthed in Zealand, Denmark.They may have been embroidered on ritual garb, woven into hair, or worn in a headdress.Sun worship was one of the principal forms of Bronze Age spirituality.

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Several golden broaches were found during the same dig. In the 19th century, local farmers dug up six golden bowls in a nearby field.

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