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SIFT-based improvement approaches have been proposed, such as PCA-SIFT, which uses principal component analysis to reduce the dimension of SIFT descriptor and GLOH algorithm, which uses the SIFT descriptor to transform polar coordinates to enhance distinctiveness.

The above two algorithms are also insufficiently distinctive to be descriptors and excessively complex to calculate.

An appropriate feature detector is used to detect feature points in this paper.

Shape Context records the contour points at different distances and angles, which consequently describes the object contour reliably and effectively.Like fingerprints, heat patterns of each subject in the infrared image are distinctive.Observation of heat pattern changes on IR breast image during a long period can consequently assess the growth of breast cancer cells due to the higher temperature signature in comparison to their surrounding normal tissues, which are arising from the higher metabolic rate of cancerous tissue and its angiogenesis phenomena. did a long-term assessment of breast cancer risk in patients with a persistent abnormal thermogram via IR imaging.However, the vascular intersection is selected manually in the previous study, so it is reliable for IR images.Feature point matching is a rather important step for image registration.

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The general one of which is based on external conditions, which means that features are artificial and adhesive to target surfaces, such as markers, and that the registration can be performed without a complicated algorithm.

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