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They attacked hunting parties and attacked the main body of trekkers at Vegkop in 1836 and forced them to retire to Thaba Bosigo.

Josephs Orphanage, across the ridge and Westpark Cemetery, through a corner of Linden (13th.Even then the country remained very sparsely settled until the British annexations of Natal in 1843 and of Transorangia in 1848 sent further waves of trekkers across the Vaal.Among them was Gerrit Bezuidenhout (1822-1876), originally from the Beaufort District, who in 1851 applied for and in 1858 was granted title to the farm Braamfontein. Bezuidenhout subdivided the farm into three parts of about 500 morgen each.On receiving title he transferred the farm the next day to his brother F. The eastern part, again after several owners, was in 1886 bought by Dirk Geldenhuys for about 4 000 Pounds.He leased part to Edward Lippert, who planted the Sachsenwald - anglicised during the 1914/18 War to Saxonwold - for pit props.

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There is a wonderful view of Johannesburg's northern suburbs. Northeast are the large white buildings of commercial Rosebank.

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