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Maybe it's a role-playing fantasy, as I mentioned above, or maybe it's a new toy, such as a dildo or a vibrator.

Also, try different positions to ensure your partner's seeing the parts of you that he or she loves the most.

There have been many attempts made by the long distance couple to solve the no-sex dilemma, but short of sleeping with other people, there just aren't that many options.

It used to be dirty love letters, then it was phone sex.

Or have one or both of you describe the fantasy situation as it unfolds.

RELATED: How To Use A Remote Control Vibrator (Without Feeling TOTALLY Weird)5. It's hard not to be able to have physical contact, but the upside is that it forces you to try new things.

For some people, getting themselves off is something that they’re used to doing in private and it can take some adjustment to get used to doing it in front of someone else.

As with any other type of sex, if you want to have Skype or Facetime sex, you have to feel sexy.

If you don’t like the way you look on video, either minimize your screen so you won’t feel as self-conscious or adjust the lighting. If you’re not in the habit of masturbating regularly, definitely give that a go first.

Say it sexy, but don't worry about being clever if that isn't your thing.

Even the simplest descriptions go a long way toward making things hotter.

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Ladies should look their best, including makeup (and even a little perfume if it gets you in the mood).

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