Entj men dating

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Entj men dating

For one category of stress ("Finances") ENFPs were the third most stressed out type.Apparently this area is the ENFP's archilles' heel.About all we know is that ENFP-ISTJ couples tend to seek therapy more often than other combinations.One study found that males (any type) married to female ENFPs had a very high satisfaction rate (about 90% were satisfied with their female ENFP).Psychologists rated ENFPs as one of the three types most likely to have trouble in school.ENFPs may also have trouble deciding upon their major.A study of undecided students found that among females, 22.4% were ENFPs, and among males, 16.3% were ENFPs. ENFPs are the type that turns up third most frequently among people majoring in Education.They seem to be good at it too; after the ENTJs, ENFPs were the type that turned up most frequently in the national CASE finalist list for professor of the year.

One intriguing study examined career paths of software technical professionals. They don't turn up in the list of types who really liked certain aspects of their job.ENFPs, for their part, have a moderately low satisfaction with their marriage/intimate relationship.(Note that almost all the Intuitives were less satisfied with their marriage than almost all Sensors, but the ENFPs were on the high end of the low end.) ENFPs were the type least likely to indicate that they preferred the work environment characteristic "Everything done by the book." In fact, only 4.5% of ENFPs liked this characteristic!Don't take what you read here as , but as an invitation to grow outside your core strengths. (The question is more complicated than you'd think.) You can read about this question and the various attempts to answer it here. As a further note, the Rationals had a higher satisfaction with an NF mate than with any other temperament. Now, it is a mistake to generalize by temperament--it’s frequent that types will go counter-temperament, and temperament is not the definitive factor in explaining type-based behavior most of the time (CITE)--but since we don’t have anything better to go on...And especially don't use this description as an excuse. So just remember: Ever since Keirsey published Please Understand Me II in 1998, it has generally been accepted that the Rationals are the best partners for the Idealists.

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In fact, for the category "Other" ENFPs reported being the least stressed out of all types.

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