Dr laura dating 101

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Dr laura dating 101

The fact is, she told so many lies about our relationship, an example being our being together just a week or two, and that she was on my show just a few days, or a few times rather. We went together for a torrid two and a half years.I'm tired of being lied about and the longer it goes on the more people believe her. People will begin to assume that I was the beginner and that she taught me everything I know." In a memorable August 2010 broadcast, a caller who described herself as African-American asked for advice in dealing with people's rude comments about her interracial marriage, and Schlessinger replied using the word "nigger" several times, criticizing the caller for being overly sensitive and adding, "If you're that hypersensitive about color and don't have a sense of humor, don't marry out of your race".She had an unpleasant encounter with a "female rabbi", but says she later "found her Judaism" with the help of a "male rabbi" at a Conservative synagogue.

Laura Show At its peak or popularity in the 1990s, Laura Schlessinger's syndicated radio show had about 500 affiliates and over 10-million listeners.

On her radio show, she advocates the basic "family values" -- no sex outside of marriage, moms shouldn't work, divorce is wrong, abortion is wrong, living together without marriage is wrong, marriage too young is wrong, marriage without children is hardly a marriage at all, homosexuality is destructive and in her words "a biological error", gay marriage is wrong, girls should not dress like "sluts", and the family unit is of paramount importance.

Her own family unit has been dysfunctional at best.

She describes her childhood as "difficult", due to the rocky, "unloving" marriage between her father, a Jewish US citizen, and her mother, an Italian Catholic war bride. Schlessinger never got along well with her father, and she and her mother had been estranged for at least 14 years before her mother's odd death in 2002.

(Her partially decomposed corpse had been on the floor of her apartment for two months before being discovered, and has reportedly told friends she is an only child.

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If most of her audience isn't swayed by that credential, Schlessinger also occasionally refers to herself as a "shrink." She was granted a California Marriage, Family and Child Therapist license in 1980, and later taught at the University of Southern California, USC, and Pepperdine.