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Documentbuilderfactory setvalidating example

Please guide me to get these values Many Thanks for your co-operation I always hated it as a programmer when a company said "you can interface with us because we use official standards like XML" only to find out later that they have no idea what they talk about....Sorry, couldn't resist this flaming ;) To do something about this is a bit tricky, but possible.Text and elements is intermixed in a DOM hierarchy.That kind of structure is called mixed content in the DOM model.Example is attached I am able to read all other XMLs perfect but some XMLS are throwing exception below 2009-02-23 ,609 [main] ERROR business Logic.Rea As these XMLs are comming from some external source, to which we cannot do anything So, we need to fix and get the records by our own.

That documentation contains more detailed, developer-targeted descriptions, with conceptual overviews, definitions of terms, workarounds, and working code examples.

In XML newsgroups this discussion is often held, ending with something like "is XML does not conform, it is just a string and you don't know what you're at, anything can happen".

The best advice from about a decade working with XML that I can give you is: make sure that you or your company arranges for the correct liability clauses about this so that the sending party knows that they are responsible for mistakes in your workarounds and that they know, in advance, that their XML is not XML.

* @return a DOM document */ public Document get Dom Document(Integer view Component Id, boolean liveserver) /** * Load encryption document.

* * @param file Name the file name * @return the document * @throws Exception the exception */ private static Document load Encryption Document(String file Name) throws Exception /** * string(XML Text) to document(w3

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