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Diana from glee dating

"Which is why I decided to change my shirt for the show.

I happened to read a few comments that were posted on Twitter. ' This is my response." The blond beauty further added, "I am not asking for you to agree with what I am saying, but if you are listening, thank you. And a step further would be to take a moment to (honestly) answer the questions that I have raised.

He had a smart, curious mind, he was an enormous talent.

He was loving to not only me but my family." As one of 's original stars, Agron, Monteith and Lea Michele's Rachel comprised one of the first and most popular love triangles on the series.

Congrats are in order for Dianna Agron and Winston Marshall ― the couple is officially married.

In this difficult time, I am leaning on all of the wonderful memories we shared with Cory, how many ways he was able to make us smile," said Agron, who as mean-girl cheerleader Quinn was Monteith's first love interest on the Fox musical. It gave us a family in this industry." Agron acknowledged the show's underdog theme -- of which Monteith's Finn Hudson was the central player -- in remembering the loss of a beloved member of the series. In playing underdogs, we learned that we had dug into the hearts of our viewers and that we could stay there," she said.

The women in my life give me things that the men in my life can't. The Sarah Hart of "I Am Number Four" went on to deny rumors that she is a lesbian.

Still, she managed to point out, "Yet if I were, I hope that the people in my life could embrace it whole-heartedly.

Words started to circulate that the Quinn Fabray of "Glee" is a lesbian after she wore a t-shirt that said "likes girls" while performing the "Born This Way" number during a live show in Toronto last Saturday, June 11.

Putting the rumors to rest, the 25-year-old actress posted a lengthy post on her Tumblr blog.

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PHOTOS: ' Glee' and 17 Other TV Shows That Lost a Star "My heart goes out to his family, to Lea, to everyone that is struggling with the loss of our friend," the always insightful actress went on to say. We will always carry a piece of you with us." On Tuesday, representatives for Michele -- Monteith's real-life girlfriend -- said the actress has been grieving with the late star's family.

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