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While Alex's life falls apart, Mark can complete the romance route with Penny's sleuthing to clear his name.Once Mark graduates, he and Alex rekindle their relationship and move in together.He is a gay undergraduate student in his senior year in Orlin University, living with his friends Penny and Ian.The story of the game focuses on Mark's various potential dates and romances which the player can pursue or reject through his choices and actions.If their friendship affinity is high enough, post-graduation Penny lands quite a bit of success for developing Brofinder, and asks Mark to be her business partner.If Mark chooses to go to Charlie's after coming out, Alex will hit on him and exchange contact info.

Alex frequents the same gym as Mark, where during Alex's route they will continue to bump into each other and have sexually-charged racquetball matches, and Mark begins to have sexual classroom dreams.Outside of player choices, Mark is a well-rounded and somewhat introverted individual.While not completely inexperienced, he is unsure of himself and his newness in the gay dating scene frequently leaves him high-strung, and a venerable play-thing to romance potentials. Ian is Mark's off-the-wall roommate and closest friend.Pulling out and wearing a very large furry trapper hat, Ian said the answer was 'funny hats.' The two developed a fast bromance ever since, and became roommates.They frequent the gym together on Saturdays, and meet up between classes.