Dating turk

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Dating turk

The northeastern, or Siberian, branch comprises two groups. One is represented by Khakas and Shor (both written) and dialects such as Sagay, Kacha, Koybal, Kyzyl, Küerik, and Chulym (spoken in the Abakan River area).The second type is represented by Tyvan (Tuvan; spoken in Tyva [Tuva] republic of Russia and in western Mongolia) and Tofa (northern Sayan region), both written languages.Arabic and Persian elements are numerous in all Islamic languages, especially in those of the early sedentary groups.

Old Uighur and Chagatai are antecedents of the modern SE branch.The Turkic languages of China are influenced by Chinese vocabulary.Turkic literary languages have emerged in different cultural centres.The language of the Proto-Bolgars, reportedly similar to the Khazar language, belonged to the latter type.Its only modern representative is Chuvash, which originated in Volga Bolgarian and exhibits archaic features.

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Turkic has been influenced by a number of different contact languages.

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