Dating someone autistic child

Posted by / 25-Jun-2020 02:01

Dating someone autistic child

To illustrate this point, I’ve posted some graphs – all from formally diagnosed aspies – below.

I’ve also included a neurotypical graph, so you can see just how different that is on this scale.

It does, however, generate another note of caution: do not be tempted to compare your graph with known aspies, and worry that you’re not aspie enough; the range of bone-fide-aspie results is huge.

I would never make that choice for someone else’s child.

Nor do I want someone else to make that choice for mine.

I am only asking the question – shouldn’t I (as my daughter’s mom) be the one to make that decision?

Heck, even her school asks permission to use her image in marketing materials, but nobody asks if it’s ok to broadcast to the world wide web? I know I won’t post someone else’s picture online, unless I ask them if it’s OK – even if they are an adult.

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Caution: results might be fun, but are not necessarily reliable.