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1 Mr Zetsche's walrus moustache 2 Having BMW as a rival 3 Being hard 4 Increasing jobs 5 Giving workers security for life 6 Using Mr Zetsche's operational experience 7 Cutting jobs 8 Building cars the experts want them to build 9 Lowering product quality 10 Improving the looks of new Mercedes cars 11 Producing new models 12 Using a team approach D Imagine you are Mr Zetsche.

“We wanted to create something unmissable,” said Andy Barnes, the broadcaster’s sales director.

“This concept breaks the boundaries of the perceived confines of TV advertising,” he added, highlighting a Channel 4 campaign called “innovating the break”.

m Accord ing to the article, which of these factors helped Mercedes improve its performance?

1 luxury a) executive 2 chief b) models 3 parent c) effect 4 fourth d) company 5 management e) brand 6 fuel-efficient f) style 7 team g) approach 8 dramatic h) quarter Now check your answers in the article.

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Reducing the number of employees is the best way to stay profitable in the current economic climate.

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