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RCA Victor and several other companies produced many extremely high quality recordings in this 33 1/3 analog format.

Some will argue that digital technology, excellent as it is, doesn't quite capture the warmth of some of the better vinyl analog offerings. Many young people today have no idea about these disk-format analog recordings, and others who have heard of them may never have heard them play.

Missing a record from the set renders them to zero value. A town 30 miles north of me does and I'll call in periodically saying I'm looking for 78's. When talking to the seller on the phone be sure of what they have. Believe it or not some don't know what a 78, 33 or 45 rpm records are.

That compares to having a movie on 4 dvd's and missing the 2nd dvd. When I first started collecting 78's I ran across a binder full of Enrico Caruso 12" Victor red labels.

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Francis Plante (1839-1934), a French Pianist who in his youth heard Chopin perform, and who himself performed with Liszt, had one of the longest careers in music, and was one of the first artists to produce analog recordings.

Ohne diese Technologien kann es sein, dass so Dinge wie personalisierte Empfehlungen, deine Kontoeinstellungen oder die Lokalisierung nicht ordnungsgemäß funktionieren.Long before digital sound recording technology, and even before the widely popular use of magnetic tape recording, musical recordings were available on analog media like cylinders and later disks.Victor made shellac disks that played at 78 rpm (rotations per minute); these were available between 19.True there's a few exceptions but 98% are very minimal. Browse and post "wanting to buy 78's" ads on your local Craigslist. Grandpa owned the store, closed it, died, and grandson got the records. The vast majority, and more than likely yours too, are from the '40's. Caruso and RCA made millions of records and many were provided free with the purchase of an RCA player. Check to see if any local AM stations have a daily swap shop broadcast.

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