Dating people who love dogs

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Dating people who love dogs

The survey involved 1,407 dog owners and 86% of them reported that they used their pet as their screensaver rather than anything else in their life.In addition 45% said that they always use a picture of their pet in their social media profile.And why do they assume that whatever pet you have, or no pet, is because of your liking or not liking? I have a cat because my life is such that it would make a dog miserable.I will not have ANY pet if I am renting, because they are a liability.

Some 72% said that they take pictures of their dog weekly, and nearly a third of them (31%) said that they take pictures of their pet virtually every day.Pets are not self-conscious about photos; they don't get pissed at you for posting an unflattering one.And why do people keep pretending that a person can only like cats OR dogs, never both?It has nothing to do with "being a cat lover", etc etc, it has to do with being responsible.I own a cat, and she absolutely hates getting her pictures taken.

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According to psychotherapist Kimberly Moffit, who described the survey results for, whether you are a dog lover, cat lover, or do not own pets at all, has a significant effect on your dating behavior and your attitude toward interpersonal relationships.

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