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Dating military man quotes

"Full battle-rattle" This phrase refers to all the gear servicemen and women are required to carry outside the wire.

Generally: flak jacket with protective plates, Kevlar, 180 rounds of ammunition, water, rations, rifle.

(Nasty in the military generally means unkempt.) Often used in reference to meeting old friends while on leave, as if a military member is "back on the block." "Blue falcon" Phonetic slang for "Buddy F-----." A Blue Falcon is someone who blatantly throws another Marine/soldier/sailor/airman under the bus.

Sometimes these are just understood as mandatory, other times the order is given expressly.

If a Humvee becomes stuck or broken outside of base, troops will field strip it of anything classified or of value prior to leaving it behind.

If you park your car in a bad part of town, it may be on cinder blocks by the next morning, completely field stripped.

In vernacular, it means to "leave in a hurry." "Pucker factor" Refers to the anus and a frightening situation.

"Rainbow PT gear" Rainbow means that the unit is wearing whatever sporty gear they want to wear to do "physical training," that the unit will not be in any matching PT uniform.

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"Days and a wake-up" A "wake-up" refers to the last day you will be some place (generally while deployed).

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