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Iris spends some time as part of a Darkseid-resistance cell operating out of the Hall of Justice.Other members include Black Lightning, Green Arrow, the Ray, Linda Park and her two children.She is also shown to be much younger than she previously had appeared (she was depicted as a middle-age woman after the events of Crisis), about the same age as when Barry first met her, which later implied by the resurrected Professor Zoom that Iris's rejuvenation is a side effect of close contact to her husband's Speed Force since Final Crisis.She resumes her career as a crime reporter at Central City.Her powers eventually manifest when she witnesses her father being tortured, and she becomes XS of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Eventually, she learns not only that Barry is the city's heroic speedster, but that her nephew, Wally West, is Kid Flash, after she marries Barry; she discovers her husband's secret on their wedding night when Barry talks in his sleep.Afraid to change the future by giving vital information about the present, Iris refused to go into the details of how Savitar could be defeated, but finally Linda Park and Jenni Ognats convinced her to tell them the key to Savitar's defeat, which was to give him what he wanted: to be one with the Speed Force. This time she is kidnapped by Polaris and Abra Kadabra and forced to write everything she knew about the future so that they could have a "roadmap into tomorrow" for their plan of world conquest.After this incident, Iris left to someplace where no one would find her so that she could concentrate on writing the book The Life Story of the Flash, which was published by Keystone Press in 1997.During their time together, they conceive the Tornado Twins, Don and Dawn.Don marries the descendant of Professor Zoom, Meloni Thawne, hoping to end the feud between the two families.

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Wally West later names his daughter Iris in honor of his sister.