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She’d leaned over to grab a tissue from her glove box when she noticed, once again, the pink envelope peeking from the rest of her mail on the passenger seat. Abbreviated CDS, she’d signed on with them over a year ago, and unlike everyone else she knew who ranted about their successful matches, she’d yet to meet . Supposedly a perfect match for her, and yet, he’d turned out to be a cheating bastard. She laughed so hard the tears rolled even thicker down her face.

CDS was also the same idiotic company who’d set her up with her previous failed relationship with Roger who, it turned out, didn’t like women and dated them only to please his mother. It took a while for her hysterical mirth to die down, but when it did, with hiccupping sobs, a plan formed in her mind, one to make sure that corporate Cupid with its money-grabbing scheme stopped screwing lonely woman like herself.

He, at least, had the grace to look sheepish as his afternoon romp dashed for the bathroom with a shouted, Little mistake?

You were fucking another woman in our bed, and this after screwing me last night.

Roxanne reached the bedroom, the door gaping open as usual, and peered in.

She didn’t recognize the blonde bouncing up and down on her boyfriend’s groin, not that it mattered, although she did note how petite the yodeling cowgirl was— Roxanne smirked as the blonde, with a look of shock, dove off Roxanne’s soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

Tired of cheating men and false promises of love, Roxanne launches a campaign against Cupid’s Dating Service.

Also romance novels are my secret and passionate habit. I didn't expect it to be so raunchy but it was a pleasant surprise.

Roxanne turned on her heel and walked away, smirking to herself as she heard the blonde castigate Kyle in shrill tones for giving her a venereal rash. On her way out the door, she spied the mail on her side table.

One envelope in particular caught her eye with its pink color. Before leaving for the gym and a frustration-melting workout, she hit the concierge’s office and left strict orders about having Kyle escorted from the building with no option to return.

Common sense tried to hammer through her denial but hit a brick wall in the form of the cold medicine she’d imbibed.

Her cloudy mind and general malaise were the reason she’d come home early on a Tuesday afternoon in the first place.

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