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Spells for love Binding spells for love are probably one of the oldest types of magic spells and their history can even be traced back to the Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and Roman times.

but even kinkier depending on how hot and heavy you really want to get.

Before you can realize everything happening, you feel the cool air touch the skin of your legs." Read the full story ... 1"" 'You do realize that once you let me out of these ropes that it's all over for you, right?

''I'm well aware.' Alex pulled her knees to her bare chest and admired her prize.

Unless you happen to have a bottle of love potion number 9 to hand, you will have to concoct your own love binding spells to capture the heart of that special person in your life forever.

Believe it or not, there are actually love-binding spells that can actually help you to keep your soul mate and you entwined together, so proceed with caution.

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Let them know what you're very comfortable trying and what you're absolutely not doing.