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Dating and kissing tips

Just take a look at the extreme example in "50 Shades of Grey." Millions of women fantasize about a man who is controlling, dominant and commanding.

Of course, I'm not advising you to invest in a Red Room of Pain, but we can take a bit of advice from the less aggressive end of the Christian Grey spectrum. The rule of thumb here is to err on the side of caution if your first date is the first time you are physically meeting this woman. You are literally meeting this person for the first time, and you don't want her to think you are purely in it for the physical aspects.

Don't wait until the end of the date for lip contact; go for it mid-date.

[Read: How to make a girl feel horny just by sitting next to her] Go on and pucker your lips, loverboy.

Now that you know how to kiss a girl on the first date, there’s no more rejection after this one!

Just like the initial first conversation, and just like when you ask for her phone number, it is that strategic point where you could be rejected.

[Read: 10 steps to arouse a girl and make her want to kiss you] How to kiss a girl on the first date Most guys will talk for a few minutes or hours and then lunge in to kiss a girl on the first date, not knowing exactly how to kiss a girl.

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