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Dating a politician

"Giving money and power to the government is like giving car keys and whisky to teenage boys." "When politics are used to allocate resources, the resources all end up being allocated to politics." "Politics is the business of getting power and privilege without possessing merit.

The one that's out always looks the best." "A politician is just like a pickpocket; it's almost impossible to get him to reform." "The difference between a politician and a pickpocket is that a pickpocket doesn't always get indignant when you tell him to keep his hands to himself." "Politicians never accuse you of 'greed' for wanting other people's money -- only for wanting to keep your own money." "Politics is the conspiracy of the unproductive but organized against the productive but unorganized." "The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.Both provide the workshop for the creation of evil." -- Walter E. Boudreaux also says, "Friends of liberty do their cause no favors by exaggerating the moral shortcomings of politicians or by portraying them as inherently stupid, fiendish, or sinister." "Okay then, how about misguided, careless, amoral, desperate or blind?Williams "A famous French economist by the name of Frederic Bastiat once suggested that when social policies turn out to be harmful to the citizenry, it is because politicians often react to economic problems that they can see, without any regard for the unforeseen consequences of their solutions to those problems." -- Jack Chambless "Politicians, like bombers, seldom see their victims..." -- Donald Boudreaux, in his article, "Losing Touch". " -- Dan Jergens "Every time a politician says "a job was created!!!The trouble with the damn system is that it selects for the skills needed to get elected, and nothing else.A test that you can only pass by cheating can't possibly select honest people." -- James P.

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This state, those masses, that mankind, and the planet will then be run by ...

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