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The 30-year-old woman accused of killing 54-year-old retired educator Colin Sutherland was Sutherland’s girlfriend, family members confirm.Kelsie Sutherland, his daughter, said Sheritta Kahpeaysewat had been dating her father for about a year.“I didn’t put the effort into getting to know her.Constand explains why she took the pills, and how she tried in vain to fight Cosby off her.

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I felt weird about her; I just didn’t want to meet her, I guess,” Sutherland said outside Saskatoon provincial court on Tuesday, where Kahpeaysewat made her first court appearance after being charged with second-degree murder. He didn’t really disclose any of the really personal stuff of their relationship with me, so I don’t know their dynamic.” Kelsie Sutherland speaks to reporters after 30-year-old Sheritta Kahpeaysewat appeared in court on April 3, 2018 in connection with the death of Sutherland’s father, Colin. Police charged Kahpeaysewat after Colin was found dead in his Fifth Avenue North apartment suite late Sunday night.

During her brief court appearance, Kahpeaysewat proclaimed, through tears, that she has gone to university and has no criminal record.

There’s not much I can say other than there’s a lot to this story that’s going to come out,” Landrie said.

He confirmed that Kahpeaysewat is a well-known singer from the Moosomin First Nation with a public online presence.

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He said his friend hadn’t spoken to anyone since her arrest.