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Dashboard widget not validating

That’s why it’s vital that you user-test your designs while you’re building to make sure you’re on the right track.

Just because you’ve “checked the requirements boxes” doesn’t mean people will actually use your dashboard.

Get their input on design, user experience, and benefits early on; then check in regularly to show them how you’ve implemented their suggestions in a dashboard that will make their jobs easier.

Consider building a phased project plan that focuses on building up the success of ever-larger groups of users, one at a time.

By the end of the project, your early adopters should feel a sense of ownership and become your strongest advocates for dashboards.

As you build prototypes, ask for feedback on each version, refine it, and get a revised version to your stakeholders quickly. Plan to monitor usage, continue usability testing, and actively acquire feedback from all stakeholders.

Let that feedback inform future design plans and revisions.

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Once you’ve determined the data needs of the different personas in your user base and started coming up with your dashboard design, you still need a way to validate your decisions.

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