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" The last two words were blue, indicating a hyperlink, so I clicked it, and up popped a page that looked just like Wikipedia.A sidebar listed the categories that are available to browse: blogs, books, political advocacy, but also drugs and underage erotica.If I wanted, I could easily order up a smorgasbord of illicit substances and have it delivered within a few days.

So to say that the deep Web is the seedy back alley of the Internet is not entirely accurate.

"It is mutual interest to make everything anonymously," he warns, insisting, "it is not a joke." He gives careful instructions on how to pay through Bitcoins (more on this soon) and reiterates the need for total anonymity on both sides of the transaction.

"I don't know you and you don't know me." If these sites are jokes, they are convincingly conceived. I don't have the guts or inclination to click through to any of these sites, but they're there.

Any content that lies behind a form, like a survey or poll, often can't be crawled.

Some sites purposefully exclude spiders using robots.txt, a file that tells spiders to steer clear of certain Web pages for various legitimate, legal reasons.

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Moving on from the hit men, there are firearm salesmen, hackers for hire ("destroy your enemies! And according to people hanging out on 4chan, the stuff available from the Hidden Wiki is only a shallow fraction of what's out there were one prone to dig deeper.

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