Danielle campbell and sterling knight dating traditional dating customs

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Danielle campbell and sterling knight dating

Sara and Jessica go to Malibu beach the next day because Sara wants to see if Christopher is there. Jessica switches his keys with her grandma's keys so he can escape the paparazzi.

But when they go to the parking lot, the paparazzi show up and Christopher is forced to take Jessica with him.

But that doesn't mean she still doesn't have room in her heart for her on-screen pop star boyfriend Christopher Wilde AKA Sterling Knight.

The two make a stop at Christopher's house after she's released before he drives Jessica home.While on the dirt road, their car sinks in a muddy water puddle, which sucks up their car.The two decide to hike back to the beach, and Jessica tells Christopher that he has a "fake" life, and expresses her frustration at him for having a life that she doesn't consider to be "real".Unknown to either of them, a paparazzi hid in the bushes and took pictures of the two of them.During an interview, Christopher is asked about Jessica and he says that Jessica was just a fan who followed him around and that they never really knew each other.

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The two of them play around in a lake for a while and discuss their lives together and their choices in life before heading back to the beach.