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In the internal areas, smaller towns, with older people it's more formal.

Yeah, but my experiences and assumptions are mainly based on television which gives you a pretty censored picture of what is going on over there :)I'm aware that there is a huge diversity between states.

It can vary quite a bit between people, that is all I can say for certain.

Among friends it's used as semi-formal way to let them know you're interested, if you'd rather not just make out and see what happens.Young people pretty much do what you describe--invite others for "friend" type activities that hopefully lead to sex.Older adults are super uncomfortable with that and have tried to enforce this "asking out" thing.My 'formal' dates have always been within a relationship.I don't know many people who do formal dates in the dating sense because it's not cheap and most of the time dating doesn't work out.

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I was just trying to narrow the questions down a bit :)Disregard what Yoohoo said.. I'm pretty sure you can see that for yourself though, when he claimed that the US is more diverse than "Europe" as if it were a single nation.

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  2. Indeed, in our research study, the vast majority of participants with mental illness stated a strong desire for a meaningful and satisfying romantic relationship. While there are many effective ‘supported employment’ interventions for people with mental illness, there is no equivalent ‘supported dating’ intervention.