Contributing factors of dating

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Contributing factors of dating

This would allow individuals in many different organizations to benefit from examining some key factors that would increase organizational learning in their setting.

Albert (2005) found that top management support and involvement of consultants also facilitated organizational learning and the acquisition and organization of new knowledge” (p. The ability of an organization to assimilate and diffuse both new and old information will determine the longevity of developing a learning organization through healthy means.Lastly, the issue of survival is the basic premise for becoming a learning organization.Ortenblad (2002) says, “according to the critical literature most or all organizational learning theorists indicate that survival is an important object for learning” (p. This concept is basic to human nature, survival of the fittest.In order for an organization to exist long term, it must learn more than just new fads or moments of knowledge, it must learn consistently over time for this is a learning organization.

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The sequence refers to knowing which learning activities are best for certain times.

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