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Consolidating concrete bridge structure applications

The Nevada DOT involved the state laboratory technicians, construction quality control and quality assurance personnel, and the contractor's crew in the workshop.The SCC workshop laid the groundwork for successful application for SCC in drilled shafts. The Innovative Bridge Research and Deployment (IBRD) Program is the successor to the Innovative Bridge Research and Construction (IBRC) Program.SCC contributes to the construction of "Green Bridges." SCC facilitates the use of creative ways to prefabricate precast, prestressed concrete elements to achieve high production, while increasing plant safety and workers’ health and job satisfaction.Prefabricated SCC elements of different shapes and sizes have been produced economically and successfully in plants and then brought to the job site for safe and speedy construction.Cast-in-place SCC was used in the construction of the inclined pylons of a cable-supported pedestrian bridge in Virginia.

The formed surfaces of SCC take on the textures of the formwork with little or no defects to repair.

SCC can overcome some of the problems encountered in the past in using high-slump conventional concrete.

Under an IBRC grant, the Hawaii DOT is conducting a pre-construction study on the use of SCC in drilled shafts for the replacement of the North Kahana Bridge.

The goal of this research was to determine whether precast prestressed bridge elements with congested reinforcement could be cast using self-consolidating concrete (SCC) without vibration and yet comply with all parameters of strength, no honeycombing, and void-free surface finish.

Eight wall panels and eight BT-72 13-ft long girder sections were fabricated in two precast plants.

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Research States, in collaboration with the universities, have conducted studies to determine the feasibility and practicality of using locally available materials for developing SCC mixes for construction of highway projects.

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