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I feel that my presence is my own responsibility, no one else’s, regardless of the consequences.

Was it appropriate for them to contact anyone other than me regarding scheduling?

After some miscommunication about whether or not I was to work a shift in a snowstorm, my boss called my significant other on the phone in order to find me.

The following day, I was issued a written warning about sending out passive aggressive emails and was ordered to forget about my significant other’s request, as my manager saw the circumstances of my phone silence and lack of showing up for work as an emergency.Refusing to respect the request of someone who doesn’t even work for your company is weird too. This all feels off enough that I’m wondering what the broader context is.Is your relationship with your manager or others above you already strained?He apparently kept the number.)Obviously, I was a little peeved, but thought nothing of it, until said significant person made a complaint to me and asked me to request that she not be called for anything other than an emergency (like if I were hurt or too sick to call my office myself).Naturally, I composed a formal and professional email to all of the other members of the management team (I am a supervisor myself) expressing the request, specifying that it had been made by my significant other.

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He may also wish to encourage farmers to communicate with one another; the sharing of problems and ideas is an important stage in planning group or village activities.