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Having said all this, and after singing the praises of the stock reader for comics, I just started using an app called Droid Comic Viewer from the Android Market.

Comic pages are significantly clearer with this app--not sure why.

A day later, Comixology announced that it had been they, not Apple, who had chosen not to make the issue available, based on their interpretation of Apple's rules, and that after receiving clarification from Apple, the issue would be sold on i OS devices.

After Amazon's controversial purchase of Comi Xology, the company removed the option of purchasing comics inside the i OS app.

The nook tab's ability to read cbz files right out of the box was one of the reasons i chose it over other makes.

I've rooted mine, but i still the use the stock reader for most of my comics reading (DC & Marvel apps for the rest). However, the lack of a directory for it and unable to continue reading like books made me look into apps.

For .99 a month customers can explore thousands of titles, like The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Hellboy, Adventure Time, Peanuts, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lumberjanes, Saga, The Umbrella Academy, Outcast, Transformers, and more.

The press reception for the launch was mostly positive, with journalists and bloggers focusing on the low price point, the 30-day free trial and the diverse collection of independent comics, graphic novels and manga available at launch.

Syncing is a breeze and it actually optimizes the comics to take up less space on your SD card. As for a directory, I just created a folder on my SD card named "Comics." Inside this folder, I've organized my comic files into subfolders (using either comic titles or creators for folder names).

The Nook Tablet (even before I rooted) had no issues reading from either the Comics folder or its subfolders.

Also, I've had no problem getting the comics to show up in the "My Shelves" part of the Nook library (stock), complete with cover art showing.

We make a weekly speadsheet that lists the next week's releases right here. Please contact your retailer on how to manage your actual in-store pull list to going forward.

We feel our development resources are best spent on making an amazing digital comics experience for our community.

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