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This recipe originates from the central state of Puebla, so a trip to the region’s capital city – also called Puebla – could be a great place to try tacos arabes.Order tamales from the menu and you can be confident that you’ll be tasting an iconic Mexican dish.Indeed, the food that you sample in the Latin American country today not only has Mayan and Aztec elements to it but has also been influenced by the Spanish and French settlers who arrived during colonial times.

Among the many things that go into mole are mulatto chilli peppers and chocolate.

If you’ve worked up an appetite while exploring Mexico’s many sights, whether it’s Acapulco’s famous beaches or the stunning Mayan city of Chichen Itza, stop by an esquites stall.

Street vendors throughout the country offer this hot snack, where corn is boiled before being fried alongside onions, chillies and salt and served with lime juice and mayonnaise. While this meal was developed in central Mexico, it draws influences from European and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Take a holiday to Mexico and you’ll have the chance to tuck into a wide range of tasty cuisine that draws on a number of influences.

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