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Anything by yourself flies under the radar.” But he admits there is nothing stopping minors posting photos or accessing photos, or others posting images without consent.“Snapchat has the same problem as the rest of the internet.This is an awesome way to watch sex videos because you’re able to , but they also have a few understandable downsides.The clips shared on this subreddit are supposed to be short, but they’re possibly too short and don’t provide enough user satisfaction.The 19-year-old student from Long Beach, California, began charging people to see her racy photos after losing her part-time job at a Chinese restaurant, and went from making an hour to around 0 an hour.

The medium-length, 8 minute clips that Bubble Clips uploads are more than enough content for most users.The style of this subreddit is that users share high quality, short sex clips in 60 frames per second.They upload them to websites like GFYCat so they can be easily shared and watched by others for free without any lag whatsoever.“People don’t realise how much of an opportunity it is to make money,” he told au.Hannah describes Snapchat Premium as “like a normal account but it’s private and people pay me to view it”.

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Yet the simplicity with which teens can create an account and take payments in exchange for graphic content is also reason for concern following this week’s revelations about the Australian porn ring publishing non-consensual nudes of schoolgirls online.

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