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Carbon dating summary

Evidence suggests that this distribution is strongly related to ocean circulation patterns (notably the North Atlantic Oscillation) which has resulted in greater warming in the northern hemisphere.

each country has emitted to date, we calculate each nation’s ‘cumulative emissions’.

This entry can be cited as: Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser (2018) - "CO₂ and other Greenhouse Gas Emissions".

Global warming and a changing climate have a range of potential ecological, physical and health impacts, including extreme weather events (such as floods, droughts, storms, and heatwaves); sea-level rise; altered crop growth; and disrupted water systems.

China is currently the world’s largest emitter, but since it also has the largest population, all being equal we would expect this to be the case.

To make a fair comparison of contributions, we have to therefore compare emissions in terms of CO emissions per capita through time since 1950.

Note that a number of nations that are already top emitters are likely to continue to increase emissions as they undergo development.

In contrast to CO emissions growth in low to middle income economies, trends across many high income nations have stabilized, and in several cases decreased in recent decades.

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