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C form disable updating

Every day or so my external display connected by a mini display port adapter stops working. Then I guess automatic updates catch up and install a new driver. I see all over the internet ways to stop windows auto update all together but that is not what I want.I don't find Suspend Layout() and Resume Layout() does what you are asking for. Instead i would like to perform the rename operationcompletely in the background and then refresh it to showthe changes in column names. Thanks in advance,-HKMJust a guess, but have you tried Data Grid.

Well, Microsoft hasn’t provided a straightforward option to do so.These methods are listed as follows: The above-mentioned ways to kill forced Windows 10 updates might be enough for you.However, if you spend your days and nights in the Command Line, you’ll love the method I’ll be describing next.If you see the User Account Control prompt, press the Yes button.Now, type the following commands one by one, hit enter, and proceed: This will resume the Windows 10 updates on your PC.

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However, the users have repeatedly complained, which makes sense, as they weren’t given any choice.

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