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Burke also has two daughters, Neriah and Sierra, from her first marriage.

"I regret that my two oldest daughters have to grow up knowing that sometimes a family falls apart.

1, and she graciously accepted Williams' compliment about what a good-looking couple her and Charvet make. "It took us 15 years to figure it out, and I truly do believe that he's my soulmate. But sometimes it takes a long time to figure it out, and honestly, David and I needed to grow up.

A compliment she's surely fielded endlessly over the years. But yes, we met in Mexico, we had this steamy affair, we couldn't put it together—but it was for a lot of reasons. We never would have made it had we have made a commitment to each other when we were 22.

But when you're in it, sometimes it's really difficult."But now she knows, especially since her eldest, Neriah, is off to college this year, "The journey of a child's life goes by like that [finger-snap].

We have forever for love…keep your promises in a divorce."At the time, of course, it seemed as if she was only talking about the demise of marriage No. 23."I always joke about it, 'right guy, wrong time,'" Burke said in a 2011 interview to discuss her book, which also included details of the steamier things she and Charvet did to keep the romance alive.

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