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He understood too the manager's grave reservations about father-son boxing teams. Vasyl understood it was a different game than the amateurs.Unlike most fighters, Vasyl's was a balanced, harmonious youth.He read a Russian translation of "Tom Sawyer" in grade school.

He didn't care."No one will train me but my father," he told Klimas.His favorite movie, for a time, was "300" -- which accounts for the Spartan warrior tattooed to his back. As a 12-year-old soccer goalie, Vasiliy fell on a branch making a save. But the hospital staff told Lomachenko that they recalled a fitful child speaking in tongues. "I want to fight Tyson."A week later, wearing amateur headgear, Vasiliy won the local tournament, a zipper of stitches on his lip exposed but untouched. His single loss to Albert Selimov in 2007 was twice avenged. Marathons and distance swims."I have not enough balls to tell him that these things don't work," Gvozdyk says. But these things give you mental supremacy."Toward that end -- mental supremacy -- Anatoly had hired Kolosov in anticipation of the 2012 Olympics. D., a former tumbler, but the bulk of his experience had been working with air force pilots, not fighters."I don't need a psychologist," protested Vasyl. "You don't need to talk to anyone about your feelings."Eventually, Kolosov became the most prominent voice in the Lomachenko camp, outside of Anatoly. Kolosov was there when he turned pro, a negotiation with one overriding concern -- not the signing bonus, but whether Vasyl could make history by fighting for the featherweight title in his pro debut.He continued to play, not knowing he'd been hurt until he looked down to see his jersey and shorts turned crimson. With his father by then coaching the national team, he won gold in 2008 and again in 2012, one of five medals the Ukraine took home from the London Olympics. As it happened, he had to settle for a title shot in his second fight.But he's also referring to guys who'd gather at a barber shop in Queens. It's not that Vasyl can't remember the first time he went to a gym.He doesn't remember not being in a gym."Then whose dream is this," I ask. "And for the first time in the two weeks I've spent at his camp, I see his ice blue eyes narrow. Mine."I inquire, then, as to the nature of his talent.

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He's that rare and most dangerous of fighters: the happy one. "I never asked my father about his dream," Vasyl says. When Vasyl himself was 6, he asked his father if it were better to win an amateur world title or an Olympic gold medal. It was important for Vasyl to maintain good grades, as an educated body was governed by an educated mind, intellectually stimulated and capable of decision-making under stress.