Benefits of updating antivirus software sex dating in annawan illinois

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Benefits of updating antivirus software

Can your business survive by being down a day or two- what about a week or more?

One thing to remember about old PC’s and server hardware is, once the life cycle of that has expired with the manufacturer (DELL is currently 7 years on most servers) they will no longer supply or have those parts on hand, leaving you or your network technician scrambling trying to just find the part.

It also protects your computer from serious problems such as the “Blue Screen” error.

There are different aspects to cleaning up a computer, such as deleting redundant files and folders, removing unwanted programs, cleaning the registry, and also removing virus infected files which take up large space on the memory.

What you need is the best antivirus software possible on your computer.

This benefits you by greatly increasing the performance of your PC.

One recent example is we had a client who had a power outage at their building, upon the power coming back, the main server would not start.

Upon i Point diagnosing the issue in a matter of 5 minutes (bad power supply) the search was on, This server was 5 years old and DELL needed 48 hours just to locate the proper part, after turning to the internet and searching for it only a handful of them showed up on places like ebay and refurbished parts houses.

To improve the functionality of the PC, it is recommended that you must perform the registry cleaning process.

The registry contains all the essential files needed to open and run various programs. The cleaning can be done by an advance Registry Cleaner.

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For more information or to schedule a check of your systems, visit you can call (970) 266-0703.

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