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They keep the list of beers and wines tightly edited—meaning you won’t spend more time chatting with the somm than your date—and the soundtrack comes via a collection of vinyl records behind the bar, which makes for a great conversation prompt should you need a topic.

Keep it super casual with a visit to El Segundo Brewing Company’s tap room.

There's no opening message or clever-ish bio that took you four days to come up with.

But how does it turn into something more than a casual hookup or drunken makeout? Actually, finding a relationship at the bar is even more common than you probably thought.

Wine starts at by the glass, and a bottle of 2011 French Pinot Blanc will set you back .

Augustine doesn’t take reservations, but seats are available at the bar, inside tables, or on the patio.

There’s no shortage of bars that would make solid date spots around West Hollywood, so we’re going a little off the beaten track with this pick.

Petite Taqueria is stylish and new enough to show your date you’re “with it” without there being too much of a scene.

If you’re actually planning to bowl, lanes can be rented by the hour for to depending on day and time.For those who want to up the ante, there’s the speakeasy-style Walker Inn accessed through a back door of Normandie Club, with different drinks and a fancier vibe.Magnolia House is Instagram-level cute, from the sunny interior, to the colorful drinks with all manners of sprigs and garnishes, to the large patio (which happens to be dog-friendly if meeting your pooch is a first-date matter for you).As for getting a second date, well, that part is up to you.Alibi Room is a perfect option for a low-key intro on the Westside.

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You’ll get to taste freshly brewed or barrel-aged beers from their assortment of 20 options on tap, in an upbeat atmosphere. A.’s oldest—there, we just gave you some trivia to talk about!

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  1. To that end, Elena's is reputable and I'm a member (for a few years). They are the direct benefit (so is Anastasia) of the boom in White Collar men opting for marriage to women from another country, one of the few industries to see growth in this crisis.