Barbra walters dating a married senator

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Barbra walters dating a married senator

These delays were remedied in 1951, when a coaxial cable link, connecting the West and East coasts, was completed.

The cable enabled the electronic, rather than physical, transportion of television news stories.

But network organizations quickly expanded their scope and influence.

Moreover, there was no adequate recording medium for preserving television pictures other than the fuzzy and inadequate kinescopes.

Both networks began broadcast news by focusing on events, matters of public concern such as political conventions, election results and presidential inaugurations, and from this earliest period, broadcast journalism was rooted in various forms of competition.

Early in the history of radio NBC had cornered the best entertainment talent.

NBC launched its network TV news programming with a 10-minute weekday broadcast, The Camel Newsreel Theater in February 1948.

John Cameron Swayze, seldom seen on camera, read news copy while film images filled the screen.

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"Reversal" film which came out of the processor as a positive print was introduced in 1958, reducing time in film editing and making fresher, timlier stories avialable for broadcast.